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Affiliate Post - Tom Guiry Fan Community
Affiliate Post
If you would like to become affiliates with tomguiry comment here.

jonathan_tucker: This is a daily newsletter for The Black Donnellys.
angerxjunkies: This is the first community soely dedicated to fans of the character Jimmy Donnelly from the NBC drama, The Black Donnellys.
tbd_graphics: This is a graphics community for the NBC series, The Black Donnellys.
4blackdonnellys: The largest LJ fan community for the Black Donnellys
stumbleindrunk: jimmy donnelly + jenny reilly = bffs 4 lyfe
whoboys_daily: This Community is dedicated to all the Who Boys out there. And for us fans to share our favorites with eachother.. and to kind of get them noticed a bit more!


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nikiness From: nikiness Date: March 25th, 2007 08:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
hey, would you like to affiliate with my new jimmy/jenny community?

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