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SAVE THE BLACK DONNELLYS - Tom Guiry Fan Community

For those who don't know, the Black Donnellys have not been cancelled. It has been put on a hiatus. There have been NO official reports. The only thing we can do now is to email or call and complain.

I emailed nbc yesterday with the ATTN: Black Donnellys so that that would know what it was about and voiced my opinion. I sent another one that was written out by one of the mods at save_tbd . If you would like to email it can be found at nbcshows@nbc.com

Today The Black Donnellys official Myspace, which has contact with the actors and others involved with the show, gave out the number of NBC's comment line. It is said that with enough calls and emails it could effect NBC's decision.

NBC needs to see that The Black Donnellys have fans that care about the show enough to put this much time and effort into it. If you love the show, like it or just hate NBC call 1-212-664-4444 and tell the operator you have a comment about the Black Donnellys,it will then send you to a machine and you leave a message. There have been multiple busy signals which I would think is a good sign. So PLEASE call!


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